About Us

Tech Marinade is a duo that wants to provide makers – of all proficiencies – with an informational, interesting, and fun resource for news, tools, and insights into electronics. Inspired by the possibilities of modern electronics, the team scours to find the latest developments, both well known and obscure, from Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s to signal analyzers and RF devices.

We believe that the information we provide will guide you onto your next project!

Tech Marinade Creators

Kyle “Yubs” Cayabyab

Kyle is the Marketing Director of Tech Marinade. He loves meeting new people, jam circles, dance battles, ASMR, and seeing the creative ways people incorporate technology into their daily lives.

While attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Kyle originally began studying electrical and computer engineering. However, realizing his passion for the implications of technology on the benefit of people, he began studying management as a means to merge business and technology. After graduating, Kyle thought deeply about the lack of his peers aiming for entrepreneurial ventures. He discussed the potential reasons for such a low number of entrepreneurs amongst engineering graduates with Ryan and founded Tech Marinade. Through Tech Marinade, Kyle hopes to gain a better understanding of small group technological development and encourage an entrepreneurial drive amongst aspiring engineers.

Currently, Kyle is working at DEKA Research and Development in Manchester, NH.

Ryan Sailor

Ryan is the Technical Director of Tech Marinade. He loves writing articles about the newest technologies and resources for makers.

While studying computer engineering at Brown University, as an avid follower of the “maker” movement, he found that makers were not exposed to all of the technologies available to electronics engineers. He co-founded Tech Marinade in 2013 with Kyle with the goal of providing an easy to understand perspective on tools and technology that was once hidden behind obtuse datasheets and an EE degree.

Ryan spent two years working on a childrens’ tech start-up developing electronic prototypes and developing a web application. In April of 2014, he joined the team at Arcweb in Philadelphia where he develops mobile and web applications for enterprise.