Buying A Color Laserjet On A Budget

If you want a color printer for your office, a color laserjet is a great option. It can easily handle a high volume of printing pages and it does so with a great speed. Home as well as low volume office users don’t really have to spend more money on a LaserJet when they can easily get the job done by an inkjet. Inkjets are relatively cheaper than laserjets and are meant for a smaller volume of work. They can do normal routine day jobs such as printing a few pages but for greater workloads, the color laserjet by hp is suited.

The first thing that you need to see in an hp color laserjet is the resolution which is expressed in terms of DPI (dots per inch).  The higher the dpi rating of the printer, the sharper the image.  If you are only interest in printing texts, you can go to to read review about some printer with cheap ink cartridges and 600 x 600 is a good dpi rating but if you have to print images, then buy a printer with a resolution of 1200 x 1200. The print speed should be another consideration when you are choosing between different color laserjet printers which are measured in pages per minute (PPM).  The printing speed can have a great impact on the overall productivity of the printer. You also need to be sure what sort of paper the printer can handle. Usually, most pages are of A4 size but law firms might have to print heavier and larger pages which they need to consider when buying a printer.

A good printer is the hp color laserjet 2600n which has a resolution of 600 x 600. Unlike the normal printers which have a tray that can hold up to 150 pages, the paper tray of the hp 2600n can hold up to 250 pages and you can also add a second tray.  This printer has an LCD display where you can see information like the printing progress and the ink levels in the cartridges.  It comes at an affordable price and offers great utility.

Another great product by hp is the hp color laserjet 3600n which also has a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. This printer has fairly decent speed of 17 pages per minute (ppm). A duplexer is integrated in the 3600n making it more suitable for small workgroup. The lightweight of the printer is a plus point as it can be easily carried by one person. A network of computers can do printing through this machine thanks to the wired LAN networking.  The text produced by the printer is crisp while the LCD on the top left is easy to use and navigate for various functions.