The HDTV Buying Guide Based on Your Viewing Preferences

Here’s a short buying guide if you want to buy a HDTV, based on your viewing preferences.

Budget Viewer

There’s lots of good news for budget viewers who want a HDTV but also have a limited budget. You don’t have to pay a high price for a good size HDTV with very good picture resolution, as you can now purchase some 42-inch LCD and Plasma TVs for under $1000.

Movie Fan

If you are a movie fan, you would appreciate a TV with a screen 42-inches or larger so that you get to enjoy the full dramatic impact of the movie. The best type of TV for movies is the Plasma TV which has a richer, more movie-like picture than the standard LCD TV. The LCD TV on the other hand is better for viewing in rooms that are well-lit or for daytime viewing.

Sports Fan

Here you would want to capture the atmosphere of being at the game. What better way than with a 50-inch or larger LCD or Plasma HDTV with 1080p picture resolution. You can also now purchase a flat panel HDTV with a screen size of up to 103-inches.

Environmental/Energy Saving Viewer

Many of the newer HDTV models are designed to replace the more energy-hungry audio/video equipment which pushes up your electricity bill. These energy saving components can be are identified by their Energy Star label or similarly identified labels depending on which country you are living in.

HDTV Buying Guide for Hi-Fi Techies

For those of you who consider yourselves audio/video techies, there will always be something new for you. Just keep your wallet or purse open.

Satisfying your ongoing hunger for the must-have the very latest HDTV technology there’s a growing number of HDTV options to choose. These options include LCD, Plasma, LED (an upgraded LCD model), 3D HDTVs, and OLED (Organic Light-emitting diode) TVs.

There are also over a dozen brands (manufacturers) of TVs to choose from. You will find that in different countries certain brands dominate the local markets.

So if you have a preference for a particular brand that is not sold in your region, you can always order online from the manufacturer. However, do first ensure that it is compatible with your country’s HDTV requirements.