Advantages of Cloud Computing For Business

Even on the scale at which big and small businesses operate, the phenomenon of Cloud Computing is leading to great benefits. It has the potential to give rise to processes, applications and services that are more cost effective. The task of IT management becomes simpler and there is improvement in business responsiveness. There is no need for large or small business organizations to directly own servers.

Their website and much of their data can live in a secure environment of a server owned by a hosting company. The sales management system could be on computers owned by an entity like. Individuals employed by the company could use Google for tasks ranging from search, analytics and for document sharing.

In a world where Cloud Computing has already become a reality, it hardly makes any sense for a company that is involved in producing let’s say microwave, refrigerator or magazines, to waste too much resources in owning lots of computers and software. They can let someone else worry about the basic technology, and devote their entire attention to the core area of producing appliances, magazines or anything else that earns them their bread and butter.

Any businessperson can see the logic of this sort of an arrangement. Due to security reasons many corporations prefer to have a Cloud Computing system that is completely private, in the sense that only those working within the organization can access it.

IBM, Salesforce, NetSuite, Workday and Google are already offering hosted applications that are tailored to meet specific business needs. Even traditional companies like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft have joined the cloud computing bandwagon and through a range of highly efficient and cost-effective cloud based applications, they have started targeting big and small corporations.

In fact, Microsoft has already started shifting to a software-plus-services model, which entails that many of its new applications will run in part, or entirely, in the ‘cloud’ and will be delivered to clients via the Internet.