Maximize Your TV’s Potential With The MaxMyTV

The Internet of Things has been showing up quite a bit lately, with many devices offering you the ability to turn your home into a smart house. If you don’t know what the Internet of Things is, it is essentially the interconnecting of various devices serving purposes ranging from sensory to controlling. By bringing together these devices, one can automate many functions of their home or learn more about their presence in the house. However, one entry in the Internet of Things race is the MaxMyTV, which utilizes your TV and probably your attachment to it.

The MaxMyTV does more than simply upgrade your TV. It transforms your home into that smart house, offering you absolute control from the comfort of your command center: your couch. You can connect the MaxMyTV Smart Hub in between your TV and your primary set-top box, without needing to choose one over the other. The Smart Hub then serves two purposes: bringing together your TV services with the MaxMyTV software and giving you more control of your house, shop, etc. from your TV.

Using the concept of the Internet of Things, MaxMyTV also consists of a fleet of peripherals ranging from various sensors to a power outlet and camera. Each of these modules works in sync with your TV and offers you the ability to monitor various aspects of your home and program the modules to react accordingly. For example, you can monitor how much power you use from certain outlets using the power outlet. Or you can have your TV alert you when someone approaches your door or even when there is a break in. The MaxMyTV uses a system of rules to automate the behavior of devices, so you can program you house to react to your every move.

The Smart Hub is equipped with Zigbee, Bluetooth, and WIFI wireless capabilities. The MaxMyTV sensors communicate using the Zigbee protocol, which allows for the integration of a wide variety of different sensor devices in the future. Using Zigbee, you will be able to add your own sensors to your MaxMyTV fleet.

So far, the team has hardware prototypes built for the Smart Hub, Smart Power Outlet, and the sensors. The software has also been developed to include HDMI input processing, support for Android apps, the overlaying of social media and a camera feed on the TV. The team plans on optimizing the batteries for the sensors as well as including security features. And if it wasn’t enough that the MaxMyTV is a jack-of-all-trades, the team also plans on including smart phone app integration.

The MaxMyTV seems to get the right idea on what many people would want out of their home automation systems: the ability to relax on the couch, enjoy a night in, binge watch something on Netflix, and receive alerts when the pizza guy is at the door. And with since the Smart Hub is based on Android and uses Zigbee, users can work to create their own sensors and device, designing unique home automation systems of their own.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the MaxMyTV so you can go from couch potato to couch commander.