Month: April 2014

Give Your Devices Flexibility with Paper-Thin Printoo Boards and Modules

Flexibility is the key to creativity and those pesky physical limitations of creating hardware can impede the production of truly unique devices. Ynvisible from Cartaxo, Portugal wants to help relieve creators from the pains of physical design limitations by introducing the Printoo; flexible low-power boards and modules that are Arduino compatible. These paper thin boards are sure to fit into any design you can come up with Ynvisible aims to provide a wide selection of boards to choose from. And the board designs are open source as well!

One of the challenges for many hardware developers is the aesthetic design for their devices. Meaning that as important as functionality is, so is finding a proper enclosure for the device. The enclosure is critical to the success of the device with more casual users and to the safety of the device against electrostatic discharge. However, designing a proper enclosure is difficult, especially for complex devices requiring a multitude of modules or mechanical components. Read More